And rightly so

Punch the nazi in the face

We all know by now that alt-right leader Richard Spencer has been punched in the face by a protester, while he was interviewed during the anti-Trump protest. Someone is very happy about that, someone is amused, some others are shocked. Some of the people of the first two categories are also asking themselves, understandably, if it is OK to laugh or rejoyce at someone punched in the face. A punch is, after all, an act of violence.

First of all a couple of things:I am a very peaceful human being. I do not excercise or advocate violence and I resent very much every form of it. Secondly, Spencer is not just a right-wing activist, he’s a neo-nazi. He’s a white supremacist, he advocates “ethnical cleansing”, he’s a racist and everything inhuman and horrible that goes with it.

Fibonacci nazi punch

As a person who lives in the country where fascism was born, and where -technically- any form of fascism could be, still today, prosecuted, I do not consider nazism in the sphere of things that a free person can be, since it endangers, by its own definition, the life of others. So, this is how I reconcile my being peaceful with a punch in the face.

Also, I must add, I do not care about political correctness. So punch the nazi in the face, and rightly so.


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