Serenity NOW!

Yesterday I had my ritual initiation ceremony for Transcendental Meditation. I have been incredibly stressed lately, and my depression has got the worst out of me so I really thought that I had to do something.

I was very intrigued by Russel Brand’s transformation and overcoming his addiction, and transcendental meditation being a great part of this. Here’s an incredibly vivid  testimony of what Transcendental Meditation has done for him:

Anyway, since it all started and before yesterday, I was very curious about my future Mantra. And of course the systematic repetition of a formula in order to get serenity and tranquillity immediately brought to my mind this incredible Seinfeld episode.

So, as a personal initiation ceremony I draw a picture of an angry Frank Costanza repeating his Mantra.

Serenity now, insanity later? Let’s hope not! Happy meditation, everyone.

Serenity now


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