Glenn Frey

Lighten up while you still can

2016 is the cruellest year of them all.

While we’re still globally mourning the loss of David Bowie, with a very weak heart I learn of the passing of another good old friend of mine (yeah, I am one of the seven women). As my friends go, I feel like I am losing a little piece of myself everytime, and that we’re letting go, as a generation, of a world that won’t exist anymore.

This is me, my husband and a friend covering Take it easy, a couple years ago. Not the best cover you will hear but it was very heartfelt then, and it’s more so now.

Goodspeed, Glenn Frey. You will be missed.


2 thoughts on “Lighten up while you still can

  1. I liked your performance of ‘Take It Easy’ very much indeed: thank you. Thank you also for reading the VERO blog: it’s not always pleasant to read, I’m afraid, but the more we say and hear and think about the animals, and the less (as you say) we eat them, the better we become, and the fairer the world.

    1. Hey, Thank you! And thank you for your blog. You have the hardest job, since the widespread belief that man is the most important animal on this planet – and therefore can dispose of others as he pleases – is very hard to scratch. I really loved your parallelism with Coleridge’s Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, which is very dear to my heart. The death of the Albatross puzzled me when I first read it, and still puzzles me today, as an adult. We still have a long road to go. Thank you again!

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